Partnership opportunities

There are a number of ways for local businesses to partner with Sierra Moms. Sierra Moms is a 250+ member-led organization for mothers living in the foothills of Northern California. Sierra Moms has a diversity of members that come from all backgrounds and cultures.  Through nurturing environments, it is our goal to help women connect with one another to find support in their role as a mother.

We know that the local area and businesses play an important role in ensuring that moms have the resources and tools to thrive as a mother.  As such, our main goals are to provide our members with valuable access to local businesses and to provide local businesses with an opportunity to reach our membership.  As a connector, Sierra Moms is uniquely suited to partner with local businesses for which moms and families are a valued audience.



Sierra Moms currently offers three robust sponsorship levels—Platinum, Gold, and Silver—each of which is outlined below. Please take a minute to review the sponsorship opportunities and contact us if you have questions or are interested in submitting a request to become a sponsor. Thank you for your interest!

Platinum Partner

Annual investment: $1,000

Gold Partner

Annual investment: $500

Silver Partner

Annual investment: $250



Advertising opportunities are available in Sierra Moms’ monthly e-newsletter, The Crier. The Crier is sent to all members as well as anyone else who elects to receive it. Currently, there are approximately 250 subscribers.

Ad space is limited and all ads must be submitted in publish-ready form. Subject matter experts are also welcome to submit articles on topics in their field that are relevant to our members. Inclusion will be at the discretion of the Newsletter Editor and our Director of Communications.

Email us today to get started with advertising in The Crier.

Business discounts

just for Sierra Moms members

Sierra Moms enjoys partnering with great local businesses that offer special discounts to our members. Members simply show their current membership card at any participating business and ask for the Sierra Moms member discount. Business Discount Partners currently offer deals in the following areas:

Businesses: Join us!

Are you interested in becoming a Sierra Moms business partner? Your participation adds value to the Sierra Moms membership, and supports a community-based non-profit organization. Best of all, it’s free to you – the only cost is the cost of the discount you’d like to offer. Members simply show their current membership card at any participating business and ask for the Sierra Moms member discount.

Here’s how it works:

Spread the word!

Members, is there a business you love that might benefit from offering a discount through the Sierra Moms community? Please share this web page with the business and ask them to join!

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